With the privacy-protected MHS Genesis Patient Portal, individuals may coordinate with their healthcare teams and stay abreast of their own health status from any location with an active internet connection. The Military Health System (abbreviated as MHS) portal may be found on Health.mil, the MHS’s official website.

All qualified beneficiaries of the Military Health System, including current duty service members, retirees, and their families, have access to the MHS Genesis Patient Portal. Patients may check their lab results, prescriptions, and vaccines, as well as make appointments and request refills, via the site. Consumers may also get health-related messages and reminders from their physicians by messaging them.

Patients will have better and more convenient access to healthcare information and will have an easier time remaining actively involved in their treatment thanks to the portal. Protected health information is kept confidential and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, both civilian and military. In order to get access to their personal health records, users must first register and be authenticated.

Patients who are part of the Military Health System can use the MHS Genesis Patient Portal, which is a helpful tool for improving the quality and efficiency of how they manage their health care.