Patients at Travis Air Force Base can use the MHS Genesis Patient Interface, a secure web portal, to access and manage their medical records. Patients can quickly and easily view their lab results, prescriptions, and other health-related information through the portal. The site also allows patients to access their healthcare plan, communicate with their doctors, make appointments, and obtain refills on medications. The goals of the MHS Genesis Patient Portal are to increase patient participation, facilitate the sharing of medical records, and improve the quality of care provided to each individual.

The Military Health System (MHS) Genesis is a new EHR for the military. Medical Health Services (MHS) patients can view their health records online through the Genesis Patient Portal. Here are the measures you must take to enter the portal:

  • The MHS Genesis Patient Portal can be found at
  • To log in, select the option that reads “Login” from the menu.
  • To sign in, either use your Department of Defense (DoD) Self-Service Logon (DS Logon) credentials or your VA Logon credentials. Simply click “Register” and then follow the on-screen instructions to set up an account.
  • After logging in, you’ll be able to see your personal health records, which include past treatments, current medications, lab results, and upcoming appointments.

You should verify with your healthcare provider that you have access to your records via the portal, as not all military medical institutions use MHS Genesis at this time.

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