The dashboard is the homepage of the MHS Genesis Patient Portal. It’s a custom homepage that summarises your health records, current tasks, and future appointments. The dashboard is made to help you keep track of your health and quickly access the tools you use the most. This piece will go over the features of the MHS Genesis Patient Portal’s management console in great depth.

Health in a Nutshell

The Health Summary widget compiles pertinent data about your health, such as prescriptions, allergies, vaccines, and diagnoses, into a concise overview for easy reference. It gives you an idea of how your health is right now and helps you know if you need to see a doctor.


The dashboard’s Appointments area lists all of your scheduled meetings, along with the dates, times, and locations for each one. This area also serves as a place to create and modify appointments.


Through the dashboard’s Messages tab, you can exchange encrypted messages with your healthcare team. Use this function to communicate with your doctor, whether it’s to ask a question, request a refill, or get clarity regarding your medical history.


There is a running tally of all the medications you’re taking in the Medications part of your dashboard, along with details like their names, dosages, and administration schedules. Here, you can also ask for your medication to be refilled.

Medical History

Your medical history, including diagnoses, laboratory results, and imaging investigations, is all accessible in the Health Record portion of the dashboard. In this section, you have the option of accessing, downloading, and printing your medical history.

Safety Reminders

A user’s age, gender, and medical history are used to calculate when they are due for recommended preventative health tests and immunizations, which are displayed in the Health Reminders portion of the dashboard. This function might help you remember important preventative care appointments.

Document Safety

In the dashboard’s Secure Documents area, you can see and download your medical records, like lab results and discharge summaries, without anyone else seeing them.

Information About Yourself

Your name, birthdate, and contact information are all listed under the dashboard’s “Personal Information” subsection. Here is where you may make any necessary changes to your profile information.

Issues in Health

Chronic illnesses, mental health, and wellness are just a few of the areas covered by the Health Topics portion of the dashboard. This function can help you discover new approaches to health and wellness.

The dashboard of the MHS Genesis Patient Portal is a comprehensive tool for managing your healthcare from a single location. Health records, appointments, and other medical data can all be accessed using this app. If you use the dashboard, you can become an active participant in your healthcare and make educated decisions regarding your health.